Our Mission

Amid the proliferation of advice about treatment options for autism, the ability to access accurate information about research-validated approaches is critically important to those seeking effective treatment. The National Autism Center’s mission is to provide leadership and comprehensive evidence-based resources to families, practitioners, and policymakers, to programs and organizations, and to the national community by adhering to the following commitments:

Provide unparalleled resources to individuals and families affected by autism.

We offer comprehensive, multifaceted services for individuals, families, practitioners, communities, and policymakers, delivered by exceptionally qualified scholars and clinicians using state-of-the-art facilities.

Support best practice models for nationwide implementation.

We will work with schools and treatment programs to evaluate the extent to which evidence-based practices are being utilized to help autistic individuals reach their potential. We will assist practitioners and organizations electing to implement evidence-based programs in comparing their current practices against the evidence-based practice guidelines directly resulting from the National Standards Project. Both systemic and molecular recommendations will be forwarded for expanding evidence-based practices.

Shape the national dialogue through the transfer of expertise and knowledge.

We are uniquely positioned to emphasize the importance of evidence-based treatments for ASD and to guide the national dialogue through the dissemination of validated standards of practice and specific guidelines for effective responses to autism.