Autism Resources for Educators

Schools today face the challenge of providing appropriate services to a diverse and increasingly numerous student population diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In order to achieve this goal, evidence-based practice is essential in the schools.

To assist school professionals as they strive to help these students reach their potential, the National Autism Center has updated its autism manual for educators – Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools. 2nd Edition.

This invaluable resource includes the current state of research findings, professional judgment and data-based clinical decision making, values and preferences of families, and capacity building. Each chapter sets a course for advancing the efforts of school systems to engage in evidence-based practice for their students on the autism spectrum.

The updated manual also features results of the National Standards Project, Phase 2, including information about the 14 Established Interventions for children and adolescents that have the most research support, produce beneficial outcomes, and are known to be effective.

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