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National Standards Project, Phase 2

This 2015 report, Findings and Conclusions: National Standards Project, Phase 2, has updated the Center’s first summary of the ASD intervention literature for children and youth under age 22. Phase 1 of the project was published in 2009. The combined the results of Phases 1 and 2 have produced the largest compilation of studies ever reviewed.

Evidence-based Practice and Autism in the Schools, 2nd Edition

Schools today face the challenge of providing appropriate services to a diverse and increasingly numerous student population diagnosed with ASD. In order to achieve this goal, evidence-based practice is essential. This newly updated autism manual for educators assists school professionals as they strive to help these students reach their potential. It includes case studies, practical tools, and reading recommendations to help special education teachers, administrators, and families.

Finding & Conclusions of the National Standards Project, Phase 1

This 53-page report is a summary of Phase 1 the National Standards Project, published in 2009. It covers a broad range of applied treatments and identifies the level of scientfic evidence available for each. This document will be replaced late in January 2015 by Phase 2 of the National Standards Project.

Parent Manual

Parents of children with ASD are bombarded with treatment choices—all of which claim to be effective. This manual is designed to support parents as they make treatment decisions. It discusses the complexity of diagnostic evaluations for children on the autism spectrum, and identifies and describes effective treatments.

National Standards Report, Phase 1

This is the 160-page full report of the National Standards Project, Phase 1 (2009). It covers a broad range of applied treatments and identifies the level of scientfic evidence available for each. It includes a comprehensive appendix with a complete listing of the articles associated with each of the 38 treatment categories represented in the Project.